Join a tight-knit team in a company with high growth potential. We offer a flexible work environment and the freedom to expand your horizons by learning new technologies and applying them in your work. Have a look at the opportunities below and apply today.

Geckotech is looking for front-end and back-end software developers.
We are working with several clients to develop new software products. Most of these projects involve a significant portion of R&D which makes them particularly interesting as we are allowed to solve the problems with the technology of (y)our choice.
We are always looking for new talent to expand our team, so check out the profiles below and if you are interested, contact us.

​Principals only.

Back-end Developers  Amstelveen - full time

The Role of Back-end Developer

We are looking for a new Back-end Developer to strengthen our in-house development team.

As a Back-end Developer, you closely work with a Front-end Developer and Solution Architect on mostly web-based applications that are deployed on multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. As a back-end developer you make sure the API not only provides the requested data, but also fast and secure.

If you have a solid understanding of Java with Spring and are not afraid to branch out to Groovy and Grails, we would like to hear from you.

Geckotech is a great place to learn new technologies. You'll be working with a team of skilled and helpful colleagues.

Required knowledge
  • Java 8 or newer
  • Spring (or other DI framework)
  • Hibernate (or other ORM)
  • SQL
  • HTTP
Preferred knowledge
  • Git / Subversion (or other SCM)
  • Grails / Groovy
  • JIRA (or other issue tracker)
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Front-End Developers  Amstelveen - full time

Amstelveen - full time
​The Role of Front-end Developer

Together with a Solution Architect and Back-end Developer you get to work on mostly web-based applications that are deployed on multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. This means you need to develop efficiently and reuse as much as possible without losing the 'native' responsiveness we expect from modern mobile applications.

We are looking for Front-end Developers that keep up to date with the latest developments in their field and have a passion for the technology.

Required Knowledge
  • HTML5
  • Javascript, TypeScript
  • CSS, Sass (or other pre-processor)
Preferred Knowledge
  • Affinity with user experience and human computer interaction
  • AngularJS / Angular / Vue / React
  • Git, Subversion (or other SCM)
  • JIRA (or other issue tracker)
  • Cordova / Ionic / Phonegap
  • npm, Yarn (or other package manager)
  • Webpack / Gulp / Grunt (or other build tool)
About Geckotech

Geckotech is a software development company that builds awesome software that works. We have circa 15 employees working for a variety of clients, from construction to media and from marketing to pharmaceutical. We take an agile approach to software development, focusing on early release and continuous development & improvement.
Our services span the entire software development cycle, from initial analysis & planning to design, execution, testing, release and maintenance.

Salary & Benefits
  • Competitive salary
  • Full time employment (40/36 hours)
  • 25 Holidays
  • Laptop
  • Flexible hours
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Free parking space at the office
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